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Karen Solomon

Born in the Deep South, my first singing gig was at the age of 7 in the choir of my Baptist church. After a Masters of Music Education from the University of Louisiana, I taught music while broadening my singing repertoire in jazz, pop and musical theatre.


I always wanted to live the life of a gypsy bohemian artiste but I was living in Louisiana!


So in 1988 I strapped on my gypsy shoes and took off on a journey of song around the world. 


I washed up on the shores of Greece, and started a new life with many riotous years perfoming in a piano bar on Mykonos. Athens became my base for performing as a vocalist in jazz and pop bands, as well as solo work as a singer/pianist. In Athens I also taught music and coached up-and-coming singers. 


After 30 years as a professional performer, I have sung and played in just about every venue possible: piano bars, lounges in cruise ships, nightclubs, restaurants, wharves, yachts, halls...well just about any place with a piano. I have also created 2 original CD’s and toured this music with a female acapella trio, SKY.


While living in Athens, I did voice overs for Express Publishing, one of the top producers of English language books and resources in the world, and nowadays specialise in producing voice overs for the arts - theatre, film and music.

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